Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Racing!

What a race! Thank you to all that participated and kept this party rolling all night. A big thank you to our sponsors: Hammer Nutrition, Sigma Lights, Sweat Vac Shirts, B & B with A & D (Bikes and Beer with Ana and Devon), and Heather’s Bar and Grill.

We exceeded our goal with a total of 77 riders! Not too bad for a first year event. It was great to hear how happy people were to find such a good variety of challenging single track that many didn’t know was even there. Spread the word about the great riding available at Cam-Rock!

A big thank you to Josh Henry for setting up the rock’n checkpoint Victor Bravo Charlie. Did everyone appreciate the jamm’n tunes, twinkies, bon fire, fright fest d├ęcor, and some mid-lap cheering?

We still have shirts left, so if you didn’t get a chance to buy one and would like to now, please let me know.

Many people took the time to come out and take pictures, so check’m out:


Garret Kipp

DJ Scoot Train


All timing results:

WEMS Results

Please send any comments you may have good, bad, or otherwise to cole_retzlaff@yahoo.com

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's that? You didn't register in time?

No worries. We WILL accept walk up registrations for the race tomorrow night. Registration opens at 5pm.

Not feeling up to racing or holding on to that excuse of not having any lights? No worries. Come out and cheer on some fellow riders from the deck of Heather's bar. Stick around for awards and some raffle prizes ($1 each) from Hammer, Sigma Lights, and 6 packs of good brew donated from "B&B with A&D".

We've also got a plan to throw up a screen and play some "bike porn" (downhill, free ride, and dirt jump movies). The guaranteed inspiration for these riders to keep it up all night.

Checkpoint Victor Bravo Charlie: There will now be a beverage & Twinkie stop between the back woods sections sponsored by Josh Henry, one of the Viking Biking Club's illustrious members. He'll have a campfire roaring and some metal tunes to help keep you pumped up for the second half of your lap. Watch out for the skulls and bats. There may be a sacrafice somewhere along the way...it is going to be a full moon. OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Probably the last day to order a light rental!

This is probably the last day you can get away with ordering a light rental from Sigma. If you are interested, just click on the Sigma logo on the right when you scroll down. Nice light and a great buy-out option. More details in posts below.

I might suggest calling them to confirm delivery time to your location. 888-744-6277

Don't forget our sweet Sweat Vac shirts for sale. You can order yours during on-line registration for $20. They'll be $25 the day of the event though.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Detour Road Contruction! The main bridge in Rockdale is being replaced. So don’t try to come in on Hwy 73 without expecting a detour. Easiest route from all points is to come into Rockdale from Cambridge on Cty B/Spring St. Ignore all road closed signs from this point (road isn't closed until the Rockdale bridge).

Here is a picture of the pit area between Heather’s and the Koshkonong Creek. Heather’s will keep the grill on for anyone that wants food until 1 a.m. She’s also offered to have an all you can eat breakfast available at 6 a.m. (Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hashbrowns, Danish, Biscuits’n’Gravy, Fresh Fruit, Coffee, and Juice). She’s got a really nice deck overlooking the race for the 3 and 6 hour guys to enjoy a cold one after you’re done. Horseshoe pits will be lit up as well.

Need Camping? As I’ve mentioned before, the park at Area#3 is ok to tent on, but it is quite a hike from the Start/Finish. Chuck Hutchins (former mayor of Rockdale and the Cam-Rock Trail Boss) has offered his spacious yard to anyone that may have family along or would like to camp overnight. He’s got a nice fire pit too. Chuck’s house is only 1 block away from the event and is easy access. Just ask at registration.

We’d like to thank Sigma again for their on-line rental program. They’ve given us a nice selection of commuter lights to raffle off also. Hammer has long been a WEM series sponsor and also has provided us some product to raffle off. Lastly Bikes and Beer with Ana & Devon, a group of really good friends from Madison that put on a weekly ride have also donated a nice selection of 6-paks we will raffle off. Cheer Devon on as he hammers out his second 12 hour solo of the year.

Parking- Parking will be available on the main drag of Rockdale, side streets, and Area #3. Please leave Heather's main parking lot open to patrons.

Day of registration and packet pick up will open at 5p.m. On-line registration will close on 9/2 at Midnight.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We're getting close to race date and some folks are beginning to post some questions. So let me try and address them for everyone and I will update info as it develops.

1.Registration Questions:
-Online registration has been a great tool for both riders and event coordinators. I strongly encourage you to experience the convenience.
- For those registering multiple riders, you can all register at once with a single payment. Once you have completed the information section for the first rider there is a "register another activity or person" click this and proceed with informaiton on your next ride
- You may each register individually and pay individually. I will be able to put you together based upon the event you are registered for and your team name.
- On-line registration will close at midnight 9/2. If you decide to participate after that, you may complete the paper forms and register the day of the event.
- Day of registration will open at 5:30pm.

2.Event Location, Camping, Fires:
- Start/Finish/Pit areas will all be located in the yard behind Heather's Bar & Grill in Rockdale, 222 Water St. Heather's will have food and drink available during business hours and has a really nice deck for spectators that will overlook all of our activities.
- We will attempt to lay out the pit area into specified lots. You may pitch a tent if people want to sleep.
- We have also reserved the use of "Area #3" which has a large parking lot, shelter, and lots of green space. If people want to pitch a tent there, they are welcome as well. However, it is a couple hundred yards travel from Area #3 to the Start/Finish. Riders must enter and leave the course in the Start/Finish area.
- Dane County Park has ok'd for us to allow fires ONLY if they are in an existing fire ring or in an elevated pan/ring off of the ground. If you do have a camp fire, the coals and ashes must be disposed of in the metal barrel we will provide.

3. Course Information:
- The course has come together nicely and should provide something for everyone. If there is one thing I have to say about this course is that it is a mixed bag. Wooded climbs, flowy prairie, some short open double track to pass on, minor technical obstacles, fast downhill, and a nice berm section reminiscent of a pump track called "The Rip'n'Ride".
- Course length is somewhere in the 6-7 mile range with elevation gain of 600 ft. per lap.
-Here is my best at a map for you. Thanks to the Fat Tire Guide guys for putting out a new map this year.

4. Lights:
- We will provide a neutral charging station for the event. This will be an unmanned location and trust the honor system. Please mark/label all of your batteries to avoid any confusion.
-If you plan to rent a Sigma light through the offer they are providing, please be aware that you have to rent on-line from Sigma's rental store. Just click on their logo in the side bar and it will take you there. There will be NO rental light available at the event.
- Sigma is giving a great deal for rental or to purchase after you've had a chance to try it out. Additional batteries are also available for rent.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need Lights?

We are thrilled to announce Sigma Lights as a sponsor of Pitch Black Singletrack. Sigma has opened up an on-line rental program to help anyone that might need a light to compete in this event. I personally used this on-line rental program last year. I loved the light so much that I bought it. REI retails this light for $159. Here you have a buy out option, once you’ve used it and discover how much you like it, for $125. Here are the details:

Karma High Power LED Rental System
·The rental cost is $40 + $85 deposit,which includes shipping both ways (Sigma will include the return label).
·Light must be returned within 10 days of receiving it.
·$85 will be refunded to your card upon return.
·You can keep the Karma lighting system, just let Sigma know! It's yours for $125!
($40 renal fee + $85 deposit = $125, there an no additional costs!)

Rental System includes:
·Karma Lamp
·Lithium Ion battery
·2.5 hour charger
·Handlebar mount
·Helmet mount
·Extension cable

Paste this link into your navigation bar or click on the Sigma logo in our sponsor listing below:

Monday, May 11, 2009

On Line Registration Now Open

I'm excited to offer everyone on-line registration for PBST! Please visit www.pitchblacksingletrack.zapevent.com or the link in the side bar to the right to register.

We've got a sweet performance race shirt from SweatVac with the shown logo designed for us by Thomas Baker. Shirts are available for order while registering. Don't miss out! They'll be more expensive come race day.

CORP has been working hard putting in some new trail to help finalize our course and word is that there will be a bridge over the Koshkonong Creek that could very well bring the race right into the back yard of Heather's Bar & Grill.

More info to come as it develops.....