Monday, February 27, 2012

XXC Magazine Article

If you aren't familiar with it, XXC Magazine does a great job reviewing endurance racing. Check out the latest edition #15 at an extremely affordable price. In it you'll find an excellent article about Pitch Black Singletrack by Tim Sybrant.

Tim's an urban and downhill rider. I met him on the bench outside Verno's Tattoo on Madison's east side. It didn't take long to strike up a friendship and invite him onto a team for last years race.

I think his article hits all the marks when it comes to night riding and the vibe at PBST, which is that this is a fun race for everybody, regardless of how competitive you want to be.

Check it out here:

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Edition- Scheduled 8/25-8/26

By popular request, we are moving away from the normal Labor day weekend schedule for Pitch Black. This years date will be the weekend of 8/25-8/26. Overwhelming opinion was that we could improve attendance if we moved the event away from a holiday weekend.

WEMS' hopes to have registration open by May.