Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need Lights?

We are thrilled to announce Sigma Lights as a sponsor of Pitch Black Singletrack. Sigma has opened up an on-line rental program to help anyone that might need a light to compete in this event. I personally used this on-line rental program last year. I loved the light so much that I bought it. REI retails this light for $159. Here you have a buy out option, once you’ve used it and discover how much you like it, for $125. Here are the details:

Karma High Power LED Rental System
·The rental cost is $40 + $85 deposit,which includes shipping both ways (Sigma will include the return label).
·Light must be returned within 10 days of receiving it.
·$85 will be refunded to your card upon return.
·You can keep the Karma lighting system, just let Sigma know! It's yours for $125!
($40 renal fee + $85 deposit = $125, there an no additional costs!)

Rental System includes:
·Karma Lamp
·Lithium Ion battery
·2.5 hour charger
·Handlebar mount
·Helmet mount
·Extension cable

Paste this link into your navigation bar or click on the Sigma logo in our sponsor listing below: