Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check Point Victor Bravo Charlie

It was always a welcome sight during 24/9 and the Wausau 24; check point Victor Bravo Charlie (viking biking club)carries on the tradition with the staples to see everyone through an all night event. The stereo will be pumping and the party raging to help push you through the lap. Feel free to stop and share in the good time or rip off a wheelie to impress the girls! Watch out for the voodoo skulls....and I keep hearing something about a disco ball??

4th Post Today? Things must be coming together!

Shirts are in! I'm no model so I can't do these threads justice. Ring spun cotton=super soft. Get them while they're available, $20. You can secure yours when you register on-line or role the dice with your walk up registration.

We'll also have some of last years Sweat-Vac performance shirts available the day of the event.

Sigma Lights - Rentals and Raffle Prizes

Sigma continues to be a great sponsor of our event. If you need a light, they've got a great rental program with a buy out option. Great deal! Just click on the Sigma logo down the page on the right. This will take you right to the rental page.

They've just contacted me to say they're going to be shipping me a couple of Karma light systems and some micro lights to raffle off.

These Karmas are little beauties. This is what I ride with.

Elevation Profile

Here's a look at the elevation profile of this year's course. Thanks Dave!

Up Hill Grind to support PBST

More great news from Uphill Grind! Not only are they brining us 8+ gallons of hot and iced coffee but they've also kicked in some raffle prizes. Two Continental Explorer ProTection tires and a Deuter Hydration Pack.

Uphill Grind will be performing mechanical support for the duration of the event. Please come see them if you need adjustment.

Word is they will also have some extra gear, so if you find yourself cold or with wet feet they may be able to bail you out at a reasonable cost.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Above Ground Fire Pits Allowed

We will be allowed to have above ground fire pits like the one shown above. If you bring one, you must place the coals in the barrel provide the following morning. Do not dump them in the grass or along the creek bank. Last year it got pretty cold and the few fires we had were welcome. Bring some good wood too so we don't smoke out the valley.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lights and Breakfast

Question came up about required lights.

Standard requirement of a minimum 10 watt head light. Do not attempt to ride this event with a commuter light. Rear (red) light is not required but encouraged.

Breakfast? Yes, for those of you that haven't been to this event, the pit area is in the back yard of Heather's Bar and Grill. Just for us, she's going to put on a $6 all you can eat breakfast starting at 6a.m. Last year this included eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, biscuits/gravy, fresh fruit, and sweet rolls. Sooooo good!