Friday, July 30, 2010

Added Trail and Changes in Direction

So here is the tentative course for 2010. Some changes over last year with MORE single track and for those of you familiar with Cam-Rock it will all be raced in the correct direction. Last year we had to run some of the trail in reverse. I'm most excited about an addition called the "Outback" which has some very fun berm sections. It is labeled "expert" because C.O.R.P. has been working on placing elevated features in this section on trail. These of course will be taped off as necessary. This trail doesn't drain well, so lets hope it stays dry or we'll have to opt around it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Light Rentals & Charging station

Sigma Lights will again be sponsoring Pitch Black. They've got a great deal on a great light. I own one of these myself. Perfect opportunity for a one time night race! Rental cost is $40 plus a $85 deposit. Deposit refunded when light is returned. Shipping to and from your house is FREE! Just click their logo on the menu to the right.

If you like the light, keep it, and you've saved yourself $25 under retail.

We will again supply a neutral charging station for this years event. Last year we had some issues with converters taking up too many postions on the power strips. To solve that, I've wired up about 40 seperate wire harnesses so everyone will have their own plug. It might look ugly but there is sure to be an open plug for you.

Please put your name and phone number on your equipement. The charging station is not managed and leaving your equipment will be at your own risk.

On-line Registration Open

On-line registration is now open.

Go to:


Click the registration tag on the right side of the page under "Guidelines and Registration Information."

Uphill Grind -Mechanical Support, Coffee and Gear

We're excited to have Michael Osborne and his crew from Uphill Grind Bicycle and Coffee Shop to assist with mechanical support this year. They had a team that raced last year and had so much fun they thought they'd just bring the whole shop. They'll be prepared to handle any adjustments or that tube/tire change you might need during the race. Oh, and they're bringing coffee too!