Thursday, July 19, 2012

Light Rentals By Action LED!

Pitch Black Single Track Rental Program (Just click on the Action logo on the right side of this page). Gemini Lights and Action LED Lights have teamed up to provide a light rental/rent to own program for the Pitch Black Single Track endurance race. You may select a Gemini XERA and/or Gemini Olympia to use for the race. Rental fees are $20 for the XERA and $30 for the Olympia. (Additional battery rentals are $6 for 4 cell batteries or $9 for 6 cell batteries) A charging station will be provided at the race. At the end of the race you may return the light or apply the rental fee to the purchase of the light and receive an additional 20% discount off the list price of any light and/or battery. (You may also directly purchase any light or battery on the site for 20% off by entering the discount code PITCHBLACK at checkout anytime between now and the race on August 25th.) To take advantage of this offer make your selection on the site and at checkout, enter the discount code PITCHBLACK to receive 20% off, then choose the payment method Pitchblack. Your light will be waiting for you the day of the race. A deposit will be required when you receive the light. If you wish to receive the light before the race place your order up to 3 weeks before and pay for it in full. If you then wish to wish to return the light at the end of the race, bring it to us and we will refund your purchase minus the shipping and rental fees. Accepted payment methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card (MC, Visa, Discover, American Express) or PayPal. (We cannot accept debit cards unless processed as a credit card) Contact us with any questions. 815-317-6682