Monday, May 11, 2009

On Line Registration Now Open

I'm excited to offer everyone on-line registration for PBST! Please visit or the link in the side bar to the right to register.

We've got a sweet performance race shirt from SweatVac with the shown logo designed for us by Thomas Baker. Shirts are available for order while registering. Don't miss out! They'll be more expensive come race day.

CORP has been working hard putting in some new trail to help finalize our course and word is that there will be a bridge over the Koshkonong Creek that could very well bring the race right into the back yard of Heather's Bar & Grill.

More info to come as it develops.....


GRIESE.J said...
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Bryan said...

How do we register a team? Individually and then put the same team name in, or can we register 4 riders together? Thanks.

Dave's Fav's said...

A couple questions: First I echo Byran's question about registering as a team. We have a team of 4 and would like to register for the 12 hour. How do we do this?

Second, how long is the loop?


Cole said...

Sorry for the late reply. You may do either. Enter your team name as you individually register and we will put that together. Or as you complete the registration for the first rider, you then click on "register another activity or person".

Course is just short of 7 miles.