Sunday, August 23, 2009


We're getting close to race date and some folks are beginning to post some questions. So let me try and address them for everyone and I will update info as it develops.

1.Registration Questions:
-Online registration has been a great tool for both riders and event coordinators. I strongly encourage you to experience the convenience.
- For those registering multiple riders, you can all register at once with a single payment. Once you have completed the information section for the first rider there is a "register another activity or person" click this and proceed with informaiton on your next ride
- You may each register individually and pay individually. I will be able to put you together based upon the event you are registered for and your team name.
- On-line registration will close at midnight 9/2. If you decide to participate after that, you may complete the paper forms and register the day of the event.
- Day of registration will open at 5:30pm.

2.Event Location, Camping, Fires:
- Start/Finish/Pit areas will all be located in the yard behind Heather's Bar & Grill in Rockdale, 222 Water St. Heather's will have food and drink available during business hours and has a really nice deck for spectators that will overlook all of our activities.
- We will attempt to lay out the pit area into specified lots. You may pitch a tent if people want to sleep.
- We have also reserved the use of "Area #3" which has a large parking lot, shelter, and lots of green space. If people want to pitch a tent there, they are welcome as well. However, it is a couple hundred yards travel from Area #3 to the Start/Finish. Riders must enter and leave the course in the Start/Finish area.
- Dane County Park has ok'd for us to allow fires ONLY if they are in an existing fire ring or in an elevated pan/ring off of the ground. If you do have a camp fire, the coals and ashes must be disposed of in the metal barrel we will provide.

3. Course Information:
- The course has come together nicely and should provide something for everyone. If there is one thing I have to say about this course is that it is a mixed bag. Wooded climbs, flowy prairie, some short open double track to pass on, minor technical obstacles, fast downhill, and a nice berm section reminiscent of a pump track called "The Rip'n'Ride".
- Course length is somewhere in the 6-7 mile range with elevation gain of 600 ft. per lap.
-Here is my best at a map for you. Thanks to the Fat Tire Guide guys for putting out a new map this year.

4. Lights:
- We will provide a neutral charging station for the event. This will be an unmanned location and trust the honor system. Please mark/label all of your batteries to avoid any confusion.
-If you plan to rent a Sigma light through the offer they are providing, please be aware that you have to rent on-line from Sigma's rental store. Just click on their logo in the side bar and it will take you there. There will be NO rental light available at the event.
- Sigma is giving a great deal for rental or to purchase after you've had a chance to try it out. Additional batteries are also available for rent.


Neil said...

It looks like the area by the parking lot is backward, was I just looking at it wrong or are we running in the opposite direction from what the trails are normally ridden?

Doug said...

Can the course be pre-ridden? If so when?

Cole said...

Yes, those of you familiar with Cam-Rock know that it is pretty much a figure-8. So we have to run one section backwards. This is everything that is normally from the "round about" to the "parking lot" during normal riding.

We will have the course marked Friday afternoon, I would hope that it could be completed by 3pm. However, being a first year event there are no promises as to exact time. We will have the trail heads marked all day on Friday so that it is understood that there could be some reverse traffic throughout the day.

Mad Trix said...

Any gearing suggestions? I never rode Cam and can't preride. 12 hour 29". Thanks.

Bill Selbig said...

Will there be plenty of parking available? I know Heather's has a small parking lot and park #3 sounds like it will already be in use. Other than those two places I can't think of anywhere else.

thedon said...

How many riders are expected? I didn't see anyone out on Saturday and would expect someone to be marking something. Is this typical??

Cole said...

We've got about 30 pre-registered on line for the event. I expect many last minute and day of registrations. I'm guessing 75 riders for a first year night.

Parking is available on the main drag of Rockdale, any of the side streets, or at Area III. We'd like to ask that Heather's parking lot be reserved for other patrons.

All course marking will occur on Friday 9/4.

I'm looking into gearing recommendations for the SS 9er question. Will post follow up.

brassnipples said...

I've been running 32/20 at cr, it's a little low for the prairie but just about right for the woods. Unless you're particularly strong, or only going 3 hours, 32/18 is as high as I would recommend.

Cole said...

Thanks for the helpful suggestions, brass nipples!

The feed back that I recieved from two friends was 32x22 (says he's riding weak this year) and 34x19 (said he felt real comfortable).

I hope this is helpful. My closest experience with single speeds involves friction down tube shifters.