Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reschedule date, September 24th.

Reschedule date for PBST is September 24th. This was the predetermined date that the WEM series has had posted ALL year and I need to respect that date for the series racers that have planned on it.

Please understand that rescheduling a race like this is no easy task for an event director and we apologize for any conflicts that this may create. There are no, "good" dates remaining in September and PBST needs to be completed before the WEMS Championship race in October.

If there are issues regarding the reschedule date, please e-mail me directly at


Coleman Retzlaff & Collin Hagen
Race Directors


RWegener said...

Understanding that the namesake of this race is Pitch Black Singletrack and it is ran entirely at night I'd like to suggest the option of running the 12 hr. race with different start and finish times. My suggestion is 2pm to 2am. This would be a 50/50 split of day/night riding. There would be plenty of night riding to honor the races tradition and it would allow racers some sleep before heading home Sunday. This schedule would be much more convenient since this race is no longer being held on a three day holdiday weekend where most of us previously had Monday off. Please consider this and possibly put the option to vote by 12 hr. competitors.

Randy Wegener - 12 Hr. Solo

Cole said...

Randy, we're running the 8p-8a hours as the founding principal of our event. Rescheduling an event is never ideal for the organizers or the participants. If you are unable to make it, we certainly understand. If you have pre-registered, please let me know.

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RWegener said...

Well the forecast isn't looking a whole lot better, then the last time, for Saturday through Sunday with 30 to 40% chance of showers.

With that being said by what time on Saturday would a call be made whether the race will happen or not? I appreciated the early decision last time and got lucky as I was just about to leave home. Planning on leaving by 2:00pm on Saturday. Just don't want to make the long drive for a wasted trip. Thanks.

b said...

any word yet if the race is on as this would be greatly appreciated for those of us that have to drive several hours to get to the event, Thanks.

jeffwilsonn said...

rain? again? I'm moving to CO!
Any updates on the weather over there? It was pouring here for awhile, now its just a drizzle, yay.