Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Custom Awards

I was pretty stoked about my second place award from Wausau24 this year.  Not your normal trophy store award.  So I said, "hell, we can do that....maybe even a little better."  I call this R&D in manufacturing; rip-off and duplicate.  So I called up Dusty Rhodes, our designer, and asked him to rethink our logo into a medal that could be cut from stainless steel.  Then my friends Brad and Chad over at O & A Mfg. in Verona cut these out on their laser bed and put a nice #4 finish on them for us.  Thank you Dusty and O & A for our sweet awards.

You've gotta pin it to win it!


Barb said...

How long is the race course this year?

Cole said...

Little over 7 miles as it has been in past years. Some new trail and different routing through.