Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whoa! What? Where have you been?

2013 is catching up with us.  Sorry not to have updated this earlier.  PBST is still alive.  Although in an abbreviated format (just a 3 hour for solo and duo racers).  The race will still be held at Cam-Rock county park on August 24th and will be the wrap up to an all day event called CORPfest (Capital Off-Road Pathfinders, IMBA chapter).

So what's CORPfest?  Open to all, community based, group rides, kids race, music, bike olympics (think Huffy toss and Pixie races), food, and camping.  All finished off with a 3 hour night race from 7pm-10pm.  We're going to run 5 classes: Solo Male/Female and Duo Male/Female/Coed.  This is going to be a fast course and all fun.  We're even gonna work out a cash pay out of some kind (more to come).

So, come spend the day with us.  Enjoy a day in the park.  Bring the family.  And top it off with a fun night race.  Did we mention the race was only $15 to enter?  You could be home and in bed by 11pm or stick around for some more shenanigans and spend the night camping.

For more information regaring CORPfest, please visit or visit our club home page at

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