Thursday, September 1, 2011

Online Registration will close at 9pm Friday night.

Registering the day of the event costs you $40 for 6 & 12 hour events and $30 for the 3 hour event. Preregistering online discounts these prices by $5. Hit the registration button on the side before 9pm on Friday to recieve the discount. You might even feel like this guy when you're done.


greg2wheels said...

Lonely mountain biker, was in a 3 some, now solo. Looking for 2 person team that wants to spice it up with a 3rd. I ride at COMP level in WORS, and am a lifelong mechanic. Don't make me do this thing solo!

Thanks, Greg - greg2wheels at aol dot com, if you are interested.

ps, if there is a better place t post this, someone please let me know.

Bear said...

Check out the Pitch Black Singletrack board!